I am the Disbursements Manager at a state university, and I am looking for an AP audit recovery firm that has experience working with universities. Do you have any referral lists of vendors?


We do not have a list specifically of recovery auditors with particular university experience. We’ll put out the question to some of our university members.

In the meantime, here are some leading audit recovery firms (listing does not imply endorsement):

Recovery Audit Specialists LLC (appears to do work for public agencies)

  • The Audit Group (TAG)
  • Fiscal Technologies
  • Apex Analytix
  • PRGX
  • APR
  • Tungsten Network

Leads we received from other university members follow:

  • I am going to be engaging Broniec.  I have not yet used them at American University, although I used them for numerous years while I was with Blue Cross out in Seattle—excellent company and very attentive to any “sensitive” relations.  They are the company I would highly recommend for a post-payment recovery.
  • If the desire was to do more prepayment prevention of duplicates, a Company called APEX Analytics is very good.  I used them with Pfizer and then again with Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC).  They have a tool called “Firststrike,” which does most of the matches of potential duplicates before the payment is made.  This is probably a heavier footprint than my university could support, but depending on the volume of the university and the frequency of pay cycles, etc., they could be a good solution.
  • We are currently using Technology Insight and are very pleased with their product.
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