We are implementing a new ERP system, ORACLE EBS, and suppliers will have the ability to submit their invoices through the Oracle Isupplier Portal...


Q. (cont.) If anyone is using Oracle / Isupplier, how does it work from the AP perspective? Does each supplier have to submit invoices in a particular format, or does the system have a unique template they have to use?

A. The system has a few capabilities related to invoicing. According to Oracle, suppliers can create invoices from purchase orders within the system, adding any additional necessary information such as freight cost, tax and other miscellaneous charges, and adding attachments as necessary.  Suppliers may also be enabled to enter non-PO invoices via an invoice form page on the system.

Also talk to the ERP implementation leader about what instructions and training is available from Oracle in the use of the AP module and ISupplier.

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