Do you have any suggestions for cloud-based and or in-house imaging systems, and which ones are mainly used for mid-sized companies?


Q. (cont.) We are currently looking at an imaging system created by Square9/Konica, which is a purchase, versus cloud. I also looked into the Neat Imaging System, but it may be too small for our company. If it helps, our accounting software is Oracle 12 and we process approximately 2,000 invoices per month.

A. Here are a few of the leading providers – most work with large and mid-size organizations, and even smaller ones:

  • Artsyl Technologies, Inc.
  • Canon
  • Digitech Systems, Inc.
  • docSTAR
  • Esker, Inc.
  • Lexmark Enterprise Software
  • Metafile Information Systems, Inc.
  • Scan One

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