Our Financial system is Oracle R12. We use Notepad to upload our electronic 1099 file on the IRS Fire site. We have a small file of 317 payees...


Q. (cont.) We don't like Notepad because it wraps and you can't export into Excel. What other format can we use with Oracle to submit our electronic file? What do other Oracle users use to submit their 1099 files?

A. We contacted a few fellow members on our editorial panel with Oracle or similar experience.  One offers this: “The system-generated file should be all ready to be renamed and saved as that format on your drives. For our software now, Workday, I click “create IRS 1099 files” and it creates a text file.  I just rename it and that file is IRS FIRE accepted.”

 Another member using Oracle R12 says the file is in Notepad, but saved as a text document (note that Notepad is the Microsoft text file editor). She says, “… Notepad … is what uploads successfully to the IRS.  I have not had to alter or change any of the formatting in the file itself. When I go into the fire.irs.gov site and upload, I have had no problems with the file being accepted. I would be concerned if you tried to change the format; then you could potentially be creating a problem where the file is not accepted by the IRS. I would suggest sending the file without trying to change the format.”

Another member says Oracle explains it best and offered this link: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/A60725_05/html/comnls/us/ap/1099rpts.htm

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