I was wondering if you had any advice on strategies on finding corporate housing. We have both temporary and permanent housing needs and the current method of house-hunting is not at all efficient. Any resources you can supply are appreciated.


Although this topic is outside of our usual scope and area of expertise, here are some suggestions gathered from the web. Please note that we have not used these sites, and therefore can't make claims as how helpful or legitimate they are.

  • biz-stay.com: An aggregator site searchable by region worldwide.
  • Corporate Housing by Owner: A site with listings supplied by private property owners for short-term furnished and unfurnished rentals.
  • Coast to Coast Corporate Housing: Furnished apartment listings, all with active internet, searchable by zip code.
  • National Corporate Housing: Short-term furnished apartments, houses and condos, in and around major metropolitan areas.

For corporate accommodations, you'll want to be sure the facility has internet already active to avoid scheduling delays and paying for installation. Also be on the lookout for things like cleaning fees, move out notice policies, and hidden costs, including utility limits and pet fees. 

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