I am trying to estimate the number of resources I need for 1099 reporting. Is there a median AHT for 1099 filing, or an estimate based on the number of payments OR the number of payees, etc., that can be used to arrive at a resource estimate?


We do not have this metric, nor have we seen it elsewhere. This is a difficult metric to estimate, even from a survey on 1099 processing that The AP Network conducted a few years ago, because not everyone manages 1099s in the same way. For example, some shops indicated that 1099 reporting was very disruptive (11%), while 55% indicated it was somewhat disruptive, and a third of respondents said it was not disruptive (total participation was 400 organizations). Those filing less than 250 forms annually are able to file on paper rather than electronically, which may slow the process.

Prompted by your question, we took a look at number of 1099s processed against number of FTEs involved in order to calculate number of 1099s per FTE, but the results have a very wide deviance:

25th percentile: 50 1099s per FTE
Median: 175 1099s per FTE
75th percentile: 587 1099s per FTE
Average: 776 1099s per FTE

Clearly not every shop approaches this in the same way, nor has the same 1099 burden.

We are sorry we cannot answer your question. If you obtain metrics on AHT for 1099s, we would be very interested to hear what you find.

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