We're running a magazine ad; we provide the ad to the publisher (a one-person LLC) and he will invoice us. Since we provide the ad, does this business need to be vetted by our independent contractor committee?


We are cautious here not to assume we know what "vetting by your independent contractor committee" means. That said, advertising is a service (reportable if payment hits the $600 threshold for 1099s).  Beyond that, it is a matter of company policy whether this should be vetted by your committee.

Some considerations: If you know the vendor’s publication is reliably produced, you may not feel an extra layer of approval is necessary here. Certainly request a copy of the publication carrying your ad—actually it’s common practice for a publisher to provide you a copy or a few copies of the publication carrying your ad. That “proves” the deliverable (assuming the publication is hardcopy; if the ad is on the web, you can see it there).

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