Can you please share the best practices on getting a customer centric / service attitude in accounts payable?


Your question is about a very large topic. Accounting experts note customer service might be the most important job of the accounts payable staff. CFO Mike Iverson points out that an AP person is similar to the salesperson: “They’re a representation of the company. They’re all the customer sees: not the CFO, not the CEO, not the board of directors.”

Developing a customer-centric service attitude is a matter of training, culture and leadership. This third point is the most critical—you may have a training program stressing customer service, but if the leaders and managers do not display a genuine commitment to it, employee training will not overcome that leadership tone. But with the right kind of leadership that demonstrates by example and expectation a customer-centric attitude, the lessons of training will take hold, and a customer-service culture will develop.

Since you have access to the IOFM-Protrain Accounts Payable online training course, there you can find a full section (Section 6) devoted to Customer Service in the AP Domain Level 1 course. Here you will find a complete treatment of the topic. You might also review Level 2, Section 2 – Managing the AP Staff.

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