I'm looking to send my associates a month-end memo via email, reminding them to forward their invoices to AP by a particular date. Does TAPN have a sample memo I can use?


Here is copy from a short-and-sweet reminder email sent out to all staff each week regarding invoices and expenses. Note that this particular administrator includes some fun fact each week, perhaps ensuring that employees will open the weekly reminder!

Please turn in all invoices, travel advances, check requests, editorial payment requests and expense reports by tomorrow at 2:00 P.M.   To ensure payment this week, please place them in the Accounts Payable in-box located at the entrance to the Accounting Department (marked Accounts Payable).  Funds will be available Friday.

Tammy Smith
Accounting Administrator
XYZ Corp.

Your useless, but usually interesting information for the week:
Comet dust contains the gemstone Peridot. To learn more click here.

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