A vendor contacted us to request a 1099-MISC form from 2012. We were looking for this information in Greenshades, but we couldn't find it. Do you know of another way to get this information?


We understand Greenshades to be a tax filing solution/service; however we are not familiar with its workings. Contact Greenshades and ask if they can help in locating the records. 1099 records are required to be kept for three years, so (at the time of this writing) the records should be retrievable. (See General Instructions for Certain Information Returns, page 7.) Find out what the Greenshades process is, what typically happens once the 1099s are filed.

We don’t know if you are using Greenshades software or if they actually prepare and file 1099s for you. If it’s the latter, they should be able to tell you what they did with the records after filing. Either way, they might be able to help you determine what would have or should have happened to the records, though ultimately it is your company’s responsibility to maintain the records. If you were not in AP in early 2013, you might want to consult with whomever was working in AP when those 1099s were generated and filed with the IRS. If you cannot locate the actual 1099s, you can research your payment records and at least determine what you paid the vendor in 2012, and provide that to the vendor—it’s not the same, because you have no way of knowing what you might actually have reported on the 1099, but it might be better than nothing.

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