An employee paid one of our 1099 vendors with a corporate credit card instead of processing the payment through the AP system. Should this be pulled into the vendor 1099-MISC total at year-end?


A. Because the payment was made with a P-card, the bank is responsible to report that payment, and you should exclude it from the 1099 total for that vendor at year end. So you don’t have to worry about pulling that in.

Q. This is what I thought but wanted to make sure this was still the case.  Do you happen to have the IRS Regulation on this for my formal documentation?

A. See Treasury Regulations Section 1.6050W-1.  

You might also find TAPN’s article on the final regs, 6050W Removes 1099 Reporting for P-card Users, helpful—it includes a link to the IRS FAQs on Payment Card Reporting Requirements.


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