I'm curious how various companies process invoices for their relationship with FedEx. Is it EDI or CSV files, or something else? Are invoices matched against a DO? Other information anyone is willing to share?


There are a variety of methods in use, including both EDI and probably CSV (at least FedEx used to do CSV).  We suggest you post your question to TAPN’s Forum (Forums & Messaging on TAPN’s AP Community menu) to solicit input from other members. Go directly to the Forum by clicking this link. Once you post, we’ll pick it up and send out a link in the weekly AP Alert.

We know organizations receive invoices and pay FedEx via EDI, and have for a long time. The founder and former owner of The Accounts Payable Network, Phil Binkow (now CEO of Invoice Info), built and ran a payment processing company called PayTech in the 80s and 90s that handled mostly freight bills, and the company was 98% EDI, including FedEx.

As far as matching, we assume you mean against a PO (rather than DO?). In regard to that, it might interest you to know that freight bill processing is the discrete function most frequently outsourced—freight bill outsource service providers typically perform contract compliance audits on the bills, something that most companies paying their own freight bills do not do. (Many companies simply have the bills approved by the sender, or simply pay them with an eye on volume/cost average.)

Regarding formats, you probably want to talk to your FedEx rep about options. It depends on your volume, and the degree of centralization you have in your freight shipment processes.

But post your question in the forum and let’s see what responses you get there.

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