Can you please share an exhaustive list of AP and TE benchmarking metrics and SLAs?


The Accounts Payable Network provides a number of resources to assist you in developing a list of metrics for AP and expense reporting. What you measure really depends on your purpose and goals for measuring and benchmarking.

On The AP Network, go to: AP Research > Benchmarking > Overview to find a number of articles to help you with benchmarking, including key metrics used to measure various aspects of accounts payable. In particular, we recommend How to Use Metrics and Benchmarking Effectively, a four-part series on benchmarking in AP; Part II includes a list of key metrics to help you get started.  

Please find our most recent Expense Reimbursement Practices benchmarks on The AP Network under: AP Research > Benchmarking > Results > Benchmarks: Travel and Entertainment Expense Reimbursement Practices 2013.

You can find an example Service Level Agreement template under: AP Tools Suite > AP Tools > AP Accounting Forms and Checklists Templates > Accounts Payable Service Level Agreement. With regard to a service level agreement, an important point to keep in mind and include is that performance by accounts payable is often dependent on the performance of others—a perspective you must not lose sight of when crafting an SLA.  A good SLA recognizes this by promising that AP will deliver X, provided that the other party or parties to the agreement provide Y. An SLA is at least a two-way street.

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