Where can i find mileage reimbursement rates for Japan, Mexico and Chile?


The standard mileage rate the IRS issues each year for government employees is generally followed by the private sector as well, and as reported on TAPN and on the GSA web site, for 2015 that number jumped up to 57.5 cents a mile from 56 cents in 2014. But there is no federal standard for U.S. workers who drive personal vehicles in other countries.

We were able to find a guide that might be useful for comparison—annual guidelines issued by Rotary International, a service organization with worldwide presence. According to Rotary's 2014-15 guidelines, here are suggested mileage rates for:

  • Japan - 132.51 Japanese yen per mile, approximately $1.13 in U.S. dollars.
  • Mexico - $0.62 per mile in U.S. dollars.
  • Chile - 473.20 per mile in Chilean pesos, approximately $0.76 in U.S. currency.

For more information, visit our Member Guide to 1099-MISC online.

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