We tend to get a lot of invoices that are not addressed to our company correctly. If it's addressed incorrectly, are we still liable to pay it, or should we wait until we get a corrected invoice? If we pay it, what fraud and IRS risks are there?


Is this happening with many vendors, or repeatedly by one vendor? The first concern is to be sure that the invoice is valid. Confirm that the vendor is legitimate and what is being invoiced was in fact received—products or services, price, etc.

Assuming the invoices are legitimate, an incorrect name and/or address is a mistake that should be corrected to avoid possible confusion, including the possibility of double billing (one invoice to the incorrect name and one sent to the correct name). Contact the vendor(s)’s billing department(s) and ask them to correct their customer file; it may be best to send them a new Form W-9.

Your company does have a responsibility to pay its vendors, and a misspelled name on the invoice does not change that. However, incorrect names and addresses could lead to problems such as duplicate payments or perpetration of fraud.

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