Do you have examples of a Service Level Agreement(SLA) for a typical accounts payable department?


TAPN does not have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) template. An SLA must be drawn up to you're your own organization, and each company is different in its organization, philosophy and goals. At one time TAPN looked at creating a template, but as we analyzed specific corporate examples, realized that an SLA template would have to be so general as not to be very useful.

An SLA is a method of specifying and documenting the agreement of commitments by AP and its customers to facilitate smooth payables operations. A good AP policy fully supported by management is more important, but many organizations feel that an SLA is a useful tool in setting and managing expectations between AP and its customers. The idea is to detail that "AP will do X, provided that purchasing/business unit/vendor does Y" -- both sides of the equation are critical. AP cannot commit to a particular turn-time, for example, if the customer does not commit to the necessary actions it must take that allow AP to do so.

If an SLA is implemented, it is important to have in place a procedure for monitoring/review and enforcement. Otherwise it becomes a well-intentioned but ultimately unhelpful document.

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