How do I access the flowchart templates?



  • Under the Resources menu, click on AP Tools
  • On the AP Tools page, scan down the list to the eighth item, AP Flowchart Templates, and click on it.
  • This brings you to the list of AP Flowchart templates; select the flowchart you want to access and click on it. For example, click on Data Entry Flowchart Template
  • Below the description box, click on the icon of the globe on papers with a downward-pointing arrow that is labeled "view file"
  • Choose whether you want to simply open the template or save it to your disk. For sake of this example, select "Open."
  • A notice pops up asking whether you want to disable or to enable macros; click on "Enable Macros"
  • You have now opened the flowchart template; use the navigation buttons at the top of the form to move from Instructions to the Data Entry Flowchart and back, or select Print Preview or Print; you may save this template to your hard drive by clicking on File at the top of the window, and saving per the usual spreadsheet software save process. You may access any of the templates in the same manner.


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