We want to automate our expense report to allow for online approval. What do other companies do in regard to receipts? Who keeps them, reviews them, etc.?


Your question about receipts depends upon your company's T&E policies, approval procedures and guidelines about receipts. In general, some companies who use an electronic expense report will require the employee to submit the receipts in an envelope to either the AP department or their supervisor. It depends upon how quickly your AP organization would like to receive the documentation. The envelope would be labeled with the employee name and dates for which the expense receipts relate. The receipts would be spot checked against the electronic expense report and filed accordingly. Some companies either file by name, date or even use bar codes to match the expense report to the receipt envelope. Since there can be a delay in receiving the receipts versus the payment of the expense report, if there was a discrepancy, then the company would have procedures in place to correct it. For example, if the electronic expense report actually showed an amount of $150 for travel but the receipt documented $105 (i.e., an error input) then the error would be corrected for the next expense report payment run. Other types of errors should also be identified (e.g. over the limit amounts) and a procedure established for handling them.

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