Do you have an example of a "no rush check" policy. I am frequently told that this is a best practice and I would like to see a sample policy that I might use as a template.


TAPN does not have a specific policy template focusing solely on rush checks. However, you may find help in a number of places on the site, including an article on Payment Errorsand TAPN's reply to a question about rush checks, in which we discuss methods of reducing rush checks, and policies concerning rush checks (see rush/manual checks).

TAPN's policy templates include a Check Disbursement Policy template with a section on manual checks, but it is concerned with controls on large-dollar manual checks. Nevertheless, it may provide you a starting place to incorporate policies specifically aimed at minimizing rush checks (complete elimination is considered virtually impossible). You may also want to review the Prepayment Policy template, as it addresses some scenarios that give rise to manual checks. We have also passed your question to our content development team to consider modifying the disbursement policy to include policies specifically to minimize rush checks.

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