What is a listing of aged accounts payable invoices?


An aged accounts payable listing generally provides a list of all the open unpaid vendor invoices at a point in time. It represents the amount owed at a particular date (such as what a company owes to its vendors as of 12/31/2006). The listing is aged based on the parameters set in your accounting system. The most common aging criteria is aging invoices based on 30, 60, and 90 days old.

In other words for unpaid invoices it will list how old an invoice is based on the age of the invoice. If the invoice date is 9/1/2006 and its still not paid on 12/31/2006, then the amount will show up in your A/P aging in the over 90 days old category in the listing. The A/P aging list reports the amount owed to your vendors and how old the invoices are, based on their due date calculated usually from the invoice date.

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