Is there a registration requirement for each state to comply with escheatment?


Unclaimed property reporting, unfortunately, is a complicated morass of reporting deadlines, formats and remitting requirements that vary by state and industry type. We recommend that you begin with two articles on TAPN: An Escheatment Primer and The Non-Uniform Requirements of Unclaimed Property Reporting and Remitting.

You first will need to determine the different states to which you are required to report. Then, as to each state, you should determine the reporting and remitting deadlines based on your company’s industry type. We provide a table that will get you started. Next, you must utilize the correct reporting and certification forms for the various states, which you will find on the states' unclaimed property Web sites. Links to the states' unclaimed property departments can be found here. There are a number of other articles on TAPN that will help with specific questions on various aspects of reporting. There is also a due diligence letter template in the tools section.

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