We have some unclaimed checks to out-of-state payees that have become quite dated and need to be escheated. Do you have any reference tools that would detail each state's escheatment rules and how to go about reporting those funds?


We do have several resources to help guide you through filing the escheatment reporting. Under the main topic AP Compliance Suite is a subtopic heading "Escheatment" that can provide you with several tools for filing.

Unclaimed Property Reporting Dates by State is an article listing the reporting deadlines for each state's escheatment.
State Unclaimed Property Web Site Links is a listing of each state's web link.
State Escheatment Requirements is an article that lists the requirements by state and additional links to articles to assist you through your reporting process.
An Escheatment Primer is an article to take you through the basics of reporting and what information is different or common by state. It provides links to other articles that offer more detailed information on escheatment processing and reporting.

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