Where could I find out what requirements Mexico has regarding invoices?


The National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade lists the requirements for Mexican invoices in a document outlining changes to NAFTA in 2001. According to the article, the Mexican Tax Code requires invoices to include the following information:

  • The Issuer's name, legal address, and Federal Taxpayer Registry Number (Mexican version of a TIN, also called an RFC)
  • Sequential numbering of the invoice
  • Date and location of issuance
  • The RFC of the buyer, or of the person to whom the invoice is being issued
  • The quantity or type of merchandise sold; in the case of services, a description of services provided
  • The sales price per unit and total value of the sale written in words and numbers (taxes incurred should be specified separately)
  • A cross-reference to the appropriate Mexican customs documents, as well as the port of entry where the merchandise was imported. This only applies for imports.

The full article featuring this information can be found here. Scroll down to Section 2, titled "Invoice," for information about what material should be included on an invoice.

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