How do you ensure that invoices related to contracts are tied to the contract? Do you reject invoices to the supplier for invoices where the supplier does not provide a contract number?


The answer to your question depends on the internal policies of your organization and what references are required in a contract in order to facilitate the payment process. Some companies do require a reference to the contract based on a contract number or some other reference key. If the price does not match the unit price in the contract, then some companies will reject the invoice and return it to the vendor, or correct the invoice with the contracted amount and process it accordingly. We have not seen a consistent standard practice among companies. This is a good question to also post in the Forums section of the Web site in order to get feedback from your peers about this issue. They can tell you how they handle contractual invoice processing and what they do with invoices when they have incomplete or incorrect information. We suggest that you give an example of an issue you frequently run across in this situation to see how others have handled it.

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