Would a W-9 be required when processing a reimbursement for an individual (non employee) for expenses incurred and paid during our interview process, and would this type of payment be subject to 1099 reporting?


A reimbursement typically is not a taxable expense. You would not need a W-9, nor would you have to issue a 1099, provided that this was handled and documented as an expense reimbursement and there was no compensation involved beyond reimbursement of expenses. In fact, the transportation part of the cost and 50 percent of the meals and entertainment aspects would be deductible for your company. However, if there was any kind of fee paid by your company to the individual, you may need to issue a 1099 and thus would want to get a W-9 from them; for example, you paid them $600 or more, or paid any amount to an attorney. (A best practice regarding W-9s is to require vendors to complete a W-9 prior to being paid the first time, which requires management support and should be stated in your AP and Purchasing Policies, POs, and vendor communications).

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