When a vendor changes their business name, do we need to ask them to fill out a new W-9? Will their tax ID change?


It is a good business practice to ask your vendor to complete another Form W-9. This ensures that you have documentation on the name change and the correct tax ID. A company can change its name and keep the same tax ID.

There is not a ruling that we are aware of that requires an updated Form W-9, but you would certainly want a new one if the tax ID did change. If your vendor indicates that the tax ID did not change, only the company name, then you may want to get a copy of the corporate name filing that documents the name change and the effective date. For all questions concerning compliance rules, we also recommend that you contact the IRS and document the answer, including agent name and number, and date. This protects you by having a documented reference source at the IRS giving you their understanding of your situation, since the regulations sometimes require interpretation. You can reach a live agent for information reporting questions at (866) 455-7438.

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