In your paper, Payments Fraud: What You Can Do, What Banks Can Do, you mention payee positive pay. I've heard about it and I'm doing dome benchmarking for my company. Do you know what the average cost of payee positive pay is?


We do not have average cost figures. There are a few costs to consider in positive pay. Internally, there is the cost of developing or buying extraction and transmission software.

Then there are bank charges, though some banks may not charge some customers for positive pay. Bank changes may include the following:

  • Set up
  • Monthly “service”
  • Issue (charge per file issued)
  • Exception (charge per exception notification/resolution)

For example, there may be a $50 set up fee, a $35 monthly charge, a $65 daily issue charge, and a charge of $0.25 per exception.

Payee positive pay adds one more element and banks may charge a slightly higher monthly rate for that service.

However, we do not have much cost data, nor as yet have we seen elsewhere much cost data. We will do additional research on this question, however, for eventual publication on TAPN.

Please see the following publications on Positive Pay:

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