I'm looking for an online source to help me determine the names of the owners of the vendors I'm working with. We are attempting to do a match process against these owners and our employee roster. Any suggestions?


There are several ways to identify the owners of a business. Some are free and others charge a fee. Keep in mind that some of the information may only reveal who registered the business with the state in which it is incorporated, or they may decline to offer information about company owners to service providers who track credit history, such as Dun & Bradstreet.


  • Hoovers Online is a fee-based service that provides information about a business such as owners and their credit history.
  • Dunn & Bradstreet is a fee-based service that offers company credit histories along with company profile data, such as ownership.
  • The Secretary of State for each state can give you the incorporation date of a company and the registered agent. The registered agent could be the company's attorney or may be one of the owners. (This is a free service.) To access it just do a Google search and type in the name of the state followed by "secretary of state" (e.g., Georgia secretary of state) and look for the corporate division.

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