I am looking for any type of procedure on how to process invoices/expense reports without an invoice number. Is there any type of standard procedure most companies use?


Most systems do require an invoice number so many companies have established a naming convention for processing payments that do not have an invoice reference number such as expense reports and utility bills. TAPN has an Invoice Processing Policy that addresses a naming convention for invoices without a reference number. The numbering convention may depend upon the type and length of characters the system is able to accept. Some companies have used a combination of the vendor name and date characters as the number. Others have used only numerical characters, largely for speed of entry. Some also add a department identifier as part of the number to quickly reference the cost center to which the charge may apply.

Your question is also a good one to post in the Forums & Messaging section of the site to get feedback from your colleagues as to how they have handled invoices without a reference number. They can give you their perspective on how they have tried to reduce the number of invoices missing a reference number.

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