On prox pay terms, if someone gets 2 invoices from the vendor, first one dated sept 1st and the second one dated Sept 30, does that mean that both of them are due on Oct 10, on a prox 10th term?


There is often a cut-off date with prox terms that signals the move to the following month, such as the 26th of the month. So if terms are net 10th prox, any invoiced dated on the cutoff of the 26th or after would be due by the 10th of the following month, i.e. an invoice dated September 30th would not be due the 10th of October but the 10th of November.

Check the contract agreement to see if a cutoff date is specified. Lacking that, we would recommend talking with your vendor to ensure you are in agreement on the meaning of the terms.

The question is what was agreed to? And if it is not clear, clarification is necessary with your vendor. But prox terms, unlike standard 30 day or 45 day terms, set a fixed monthly due date, not a rolling period.

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