We are contemplating obtaining a p-card to pay small-dollar invoices (that were not purchased with a p-card.) Is there any information or policies/procedures available from other organizations that have done this?


We do have a p-card manual under Resources that can still apply to the use of your own AP p-card.

If we understand your question correctly, it appears that you want to pay small-dollar invoices for any department in your company using your own AP p-card instead of cutting a check. In such case, you will want to make sure you set up the appropriate internal controls so that you are making payments for valid invoices. Our invoice processing policy could be modified to create a small-dollar invoice processing policy that would be paid by your AP p-card. You will want agreement from management as to what is a small-dollar amount, what types of approvals need to accompany the invoices, and how often you will process the invoices for payment on the p-card.

We are aware of other companies sometimes paying small-dollar invoices with an AP p-card. It is an interesting solution to one the significant issues facing AP organizations, small-value transaction payment processing. We encourage you to post your question to the Messaging/Forums section of the Web site to get feedback directly from your peers as to whether they have implemented such a program and how it was done. You will want to address the internal control issues.

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