Due to the size of our company (5,000), we do not think signature cards are practical. We have a plan to move to e-invoicing within the next 2 years so we are looking for an interim solution to verify that invoices are properly authorized.


Your question is a difficult one facing AP organizations and the answer depends on your management's philosophy towards authorizations and how many invoices are processed without a purchase order (PO) reference. Many companies of your size require POs for purchases over a certain dollar amount. Amounts under this limit they often try to have purchased through a Pcard program that can result in a couple of good business practices.

  • Numerous small dollar purchases are handled efficiently through the Pcard program by consolidating the small purchases and payments.
  • Only authorized purchasers participate in the program and there are strict restrictions on any delegation of authority
  • The Pcard program only allows the purchase of certain allowable items.

Beyond this solution you could solicit management's buy-in to make it mandatory that all invoices must have a legible signature with a title. If there is not an adequate signature, then the invoice gets bounced back. While this could delay the vendor payment, the department manager might get on board if they have a vendor calling them about payment or a manager asking why they cannot seem to add their legible title to an approval.

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