Our company has always used the accounts payable system as a check writer system. What is the best way to handle updating that process by printing checks according to due date?


The answer to your question depends on the type of accounting system you are using, its capabilities and what level of integration is possible with the system. In general, most basic accounting systems only allow you to enter vendor payment terms and age open payables accordingly, but they do not have a process programmed that will select open invoices and schedule them for check writing based on due date.

We assume you are looking for a system that can look at the date of the invoice and the payment terms in your database, and automatically create a print file based on your desired lead time for printing and mailing within the due date. If you are using an ERP system such as Oracle or JD Edwards, then you might have this capability; check with your service provider. Since these large systems are customized to each client, some features are available but may not be implemented initially. Your question is a good one for our Forums where you can ask your peers how they have used technology to enable the printing of a check within its due date. You will want to describe the type of accounting system that you are using and how your current process is done versus your desired process.

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