Our company currently does a check run each week.


Prior to the check run, a check "preview" report is generated and payments are compared to the supporting invoice documents. The check preview process is extremely time-consuming. Are there other options to ensure that weekly payments are accurate?

A: The answer to your question depends on your confidence with the origination of the invoices into your system and some of the capabilities of your AP system. For instance if your goal is to verify numerical and data accuracy, you could implement a process in which your AP team selects all or a sample of invoices to be re-keyed for quality control.

If your goal is to verify the validity of an invoice, then you may require an audit of the preview report to the supporting documentation after the checks have been released. If the audit is done shortly after mailing the checks then you can still catch improper payments or incorrect payments and notify the vendor to the corrective action before the check arrives at the vendor or clears your account.

You could also consider a certain dollar limit on what invoices to review so that you are not looking at $5 or $10 payments that management may consider not significant enough for a weekly audit. The smaller payments may be reviewed at a later date.

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