I'd like to inquire what other companies do regarding the AP checks that are run & signed. We currently have our controller sign each check.


We are looking for a alternative that is safe and time saving. We are aware of pre signatures on checks and have heard about a machine that stamps the name on the check. Surely, other companies have had this issue and have been able to come up with something. Please advise.


There are several alternatives to having your Controller sign each check. Some companies use a check signature machine that will imprint the signature on a pre-printed check as it is processing for payment. These machines are the least expensive alternative and can offer several controls to your check processing:

  1. Some machines can only be activated by a password provided by two individuals in combination.
  2. The machines keep track of the number of signature impressions so that it can be compared to the actual number of checks processed.
  3. The signature is imprinted electronically to the check during the processing so that you don't have a signature stamp to keep track of.

Another alternative is to purchase equipment that allows you to process unprinted blank check stock. The machine can be used as a printer when it is not processing checks for payment. The software is installed on a local PC which activates the printing capability. The payee, amount, check number, micr data, check date, and other pertinent check information is printed by the check writing software on blank check stock. This alternative also has several control benefits:

  1. Your check stock is blank with no pre-printed information and no need to track check numbers of blank checks.
  2. Generally the cost of processing the check is lower than purchasing pre-printed check stock.
  3. You don't have to worry about security of pre-printed check stock with regards to the sensitive bank information in the micr section of the check.

In the Directories section of the site under the category of Vendors and Check Printing Software/Equipment is a listing of companies that provide these types of solutions. I would start with vendors near your business to investigate your options. We also encourage you to post your question to the Messaging/Forum section of The Accounts Payable Network where you can get feedback directly from your peers as to how they solved their check signing issues with printing software and equipment.

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