To use the UK BACS systsm, is there a requirement that the PC using it is actually located in the UK? Is it possible to utilize BACS in the US for suppliers in the UK?


The Accounts Payable Network’s advisory board member David Hay, who has years of experience with international payments and banking, says BACS is a network similar to the US ACH. However, it is a real-time network with payment delivery in hours rather than days and is owned by UK and European Banks, and like the ACH operates only in the domestic currency.

They do allow UK corporate members, but they have no charter to operate outside the UK. They do have affiliates who access BACS, these include Bottomline and J.P Morgan and networks such as Burns in the UK.

David recommends you talk to someone like Bottomline, or to your bank. The only way a client in the US could access the network is if he had a Sterling account in a UK bank and could use the banks interface.

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