I'm drafting an internal operating agreement (or service level agreement) ...


Q. (cont.) ... between the O2C shared service center and the business units that defines service deliverables, KPIs, reporting, and communication, as well as defines the roles and responsibilities of all parties. Does IOFM have any templates or sample operating agreements or service level agreements?

A. We don't have a specific template on our site that addresses this, but there is a lot of information here: https://www.thearnetwork.com/best-practices/guide-shared-services-ar-o2c-network/ that may be helpful, as well as other templates. 

We did find these templates and resources online, which may also be useful: 

Whether or not they're specifically geared to Shared Services, all will require customization.

The problem we're running into with our practitioner experts is that their company policies prohibit their sharing internal documents. However, we do have your question in their hands and if we get anything more specific to your request, I will be sure to pass it along through this system.

I did get this piece of advice from Judy Bicking, our trainer and consultant: "You may need a consultant to build this. We had an SLA between our SSC and all our business units at Johnson & Johnson. Over the years, we got much better at writing them, as we renewed them every year, along with a KPI that was reviewed quarterly. But any SLA needs to be between the SSC and the business unit, and state that the SSC will perform an action as long as the business unit fulfills a certain criterion. Example: The SSC will pay invoices on time if the business unit has negotiated an upfront purchase order that matches the supplier's invoice."

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