I am looking for language to put on our PO as to how to accurately invoice based on line level.


Per our practitioner expert, Judy Bicking:

As long as your PO is set up using the supplier's SKU (stock keeping part number), UOM (unit of measure) and UOP (unit of price), the invoice should match the PO. However, even if this is done, the mismatch can be from the UOP because you may not have the latest pricing. (The best match would be result from using the supplier's online system to get current price.)

In the notes of your PO, you could add verbiage that says:  "In order to be paid on time, the invoice must match our PO by line item."

Take note: Most suppliers enter your data into their system in the format in which they stock those goods;
PO:  12 each    Price:  $0.50    Total: $ 6.00  vs.  Invoice:  1 dozen   Price $6.00   Total:  $6.00

You'll want to take that into account when preparing the PO.

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