I would like to know what best practice is for AP invoices being received under the following scenario:


Q. (cont.) Invoice contains printed invoice #, date, item charge but invoice subtotal, tax and total are all hand written, would best practice be to process the invoice as is or to request a fully printed invoice?

A. Here's what our practitioner expert, Judy Bicking, has to say:


This is a first !

I would be suspicious. If your system can print some data, it can print all the details. I would be leery of someone changing those prices higher, and I'd proceed with caution ... better to be safe than sorry. I'd ask for a fully printed invoice, but when you request the invoice, I'd ask them what that invoice total is in their system. If it is the same as your handwritten invoice, you can feel more comfortable. I would, however, inquire as to why the invoice is half-printed, half-typed. If the amounts are different, I would not do business with that supplier in the future.

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