Article Index: 1099 / 1042-S / W-9 / W-8 - Updates & Developments (part 2)

  1. Section 3402(t) Contractor Withholding Repealed
  2. 2011 IRPAC Report Addresses P-card, Contractor Withholding
  3. Final FATCA Regulations Issued
  4. Complete Guide to FATCA
  5. FATCA – IRS Publishes List of Compliant Financial Institutions
  6. IRS Targeting Foreign Payments
  7. Jobs Bill Brings Spike in 1099 Penalties
  8. 1099 Repeal Signed into Law
  9. Are You Ready for ‘Up-Front’ 1099s?
  10. DOL, Congress Increase Scrutiny of Employee Classification
  11. Voluntary Compliance Program: Businesses Come Clean on Employee Classification
  12. No Change in Withholding, But Other Tax Changes Are Coming in 2013
  13. Reminder: File Your 1099s Timely to Avoid Penalties
  14. IRS Gets Serious About Employee Classification
  15. TIN Matching Program Expands Results indicators
  16. IRS Announces Online Employer Identification Number (EIN) System
  17. Final Regulations on Backup Withholding
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