Article Index: 1099 Reporting (part 2)

  1. TIN Matching Tips
  2. QETP – IRS and States Employment Tax Cooperation
  3. The IRS is Knocking – Be Prepared
  4. Should You Outsource 1099 Preparation Next Year?
  5. Responding to IRS Levy Notice
  6. How to Escape B Notice Penalties
  7. Overcoming the Four Challenges of Implementing a TIN Matching System
  8. Reporting Lump Sum Timber Payments
  9. Five Tips to Help You Meet the 1099 Filing Deadline
  10. 1099: Assignment of Income and Middleman Regulations
  11. Filing Information Returns Electronically (FIRE)
  12. Electronic Filing 1099-MISC and 1042-S Forms
  13. Forms and Publications of Interest to Filers of 1099-MISC
  14. IRS Revenue Procedure 97-22: Guidance for Electronic Records
  15. On Corporate Cards, Hotel Payments and 1099 Reporting
  16. 1099: What and Who are Reportable
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