Article Index: P2P - AP & Purchasing (part 1)

  1. The ‘R’ in P2P
  2. P2P Success Clearly Counts on Communication
  3. What Do We Mean By the ‘Expenditure Cycle?’
  4. Procurement and AP: A View from the Other Side
  5. Promoting Process Alignment and Cooperation Between AP and Purchasing
  6. Get P2P Off to a Great Start!
  7. Four AP Keys to P2P Success
  8. 10 Attributes to Look for in Procure-to-Pay Solutions
  9. For P2P Success, Close the Gaps Between AP and Procurement
  10. The Seven Components to Automating Procure-to-Pay
  11. Best-Practice P2P Creates Positive Culture Change for AP
  12. Team Up With Purchasing and Achieve Top P2P Performance
  13. Implementing a Self-Service PO Process
  14. Communicate With Purchasing to Stay on Top of Contractual Changes & Expiration
  15. Three of the Hottest Trends in Procure to Pay
  16. P2P: Close the Purchasing/AP Divide
  17. Take Your AP Department Out From Under the Paper and Into the Limelight
  18. Incorporate Social Networking Strategies Into Your P2P Program
  19. Defining Dynamic Discounting
  20. Demystifying Your P2P Transformation Process
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