Article Index: Accounts Payable Processes (part 1)

  1. Picking the ‘Low-Hanging Fruit’ in Process Improvement
  2. Help! I’m Drowning in Paper: What Is the Best Policy for Paying Utilities?
  3. Invoice Processing Work Distribution Management
  4. Forms: Effective Tools for Communication and Documentation
  5. Catching Errors Is “Mission Possible’
  6. Good Process Management Keeps AP Humming in a One-Person Shop
  7. Shaving Days off the Close
  8. Process Improvement: Always a Good Practice
  9. Eight Cracks That Allow Duplicate Invoices to Slip Into the System
  10. Managing Paper Records
  11. Coding—Whose Job Should it Be?
  12. Tackling Customer Service Challenges With Tact
  13. Effective Process Management and Improvement in AP
  14. 18 Easy Ways to Get Your Job Done Better and Quicker
  15. It’s All about Internal Customer Service
  16. The ABCs of Matching and its Critical Role in Invoice Processing
  17. Five Ways to Keep Your Payment Approval Process Flowing Smoothly
  18. How to Prevent Mistakes—or Fix Them After They Happen
  19. Proper Invoice Coding Ensures Prompt, Accurate International Payments
  20. Time Spent of Transactions Versus Analysis
  21. How to Develop a Streamlined Workflow
  22. Three Best Practices for Protecting and Managing your Critical AP Records
  23. How Well Are You Managing Your Organization’s Contracts?
  24. Does Paying From Vendor Statements Ever Make Sense?
  25. Rules for Electronic Records Are Evolving
  26. Evaluated Receipt Settlement: Can It Save AP Time and Money?
  27. Create Clear Procedures to Yield Top AP Results
  28. Get Bills Paid on Time, Every Time
  29. Letters of Credit
  30. How to Maintain Accurate Coding for the General Ledger/Chart of Accounts
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