Article Index: Payments (part 2)

  1. Dump the Dupes: Tips for Avoiding Multiple Payments
  2. Postal Delivery Slow-Downs Can Impact AP Payments
  3. Are Checks Here to Stay? No Way!
  4. ACH and EDI: A Beautiful Marriage
  5. Remittance Statements: The More Information You Include, the Better
  6. Making Strategic Payments in Three Currencies
  7. Save Precious Hours With Remittance IDs
  8. ‘Electronify’ Your Checks for Faster Processing and Cost Reduction
  9. Policy Challenge: All Checks Should Be Mailed Directly to the Payee
  10. Implementing ERP-to-ACH Payments
  11. Teledyne Brown Engineering Saves Big with E-Payables
  12. 16 Practices to Ensure Adequate Controls of Your Payments
  13. Spoiled Checks, Like Spoiled Children, Are Best Avoided
  14. How the European Union Plans to Fix Late Payment Culture
  15. Case Study: Accelerating the Transition Away From Check Payments
  16. Mobile Payment Technology Sounds Great, But Is It Safe?
  17. Put a Lid on Paper Production
  18. Streamlined Disbursement and Buyer-Initiated Payment
  19. Automated Check Printing and Signing
  20. Electronic Payments: What’s Taking So Long?
  21. When and How to Leverage Wire Transfers
  22. SEPA Knocks Down Payment Borders
  23. 80 Hours to ACH: Windover Case Study
  24. International ACH Transactions
  25. Digital Signatures: Useful? Or Just Another Step in the Approval Process?
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