Article Index: Payments (part 1)

  1. Introducing the Business Payments Coalition: Former Remittance Coalition Broadens its Mission
  2. Virtual Cards: Many Benefits, If You Select the Right Providers
  3. FedEx on the Pursuit and Capture of Discounts
  4. ACH Enrollment Letter and ACH Enrollment Form
  5. The e-Payment Advantage
  6. Going Big: Hackers Target Banks Via Wire Transfers
  7. The Fed Noncash Payments Study: Checks Continue to Decline, Debit Cards on the Rise
  8. ACH: Same-Day Processing, Steady Growth
  9. 2012 ‘Swipe’ Fee Settlement Overturned—What Are the Implications?
  10. Bitcoin and Blockchain Might Change Everything
  11. What Is a Payments Factory—And Is One on Your Company’s Horizon?
  12. Few Valid Arguments Against Electronic Payments Remain
  13. SEPA Overview: A Brief History and Perspective
  14. SEPA Is Here—Steps U.S. Companies Need to Take
  15. Duplicate Payments: An Ounce of Prevention, a Pound of Cure
  16. How the Fed Is Overhauling the U.S. Payment System
  17. Payments 101
  18. Is outsourcing payments the right move for your organization?
  19. Commercial Virtual Credit Card Payments in Action
  20. The World of Payments: Using Commercial Credit Cards for Invoice Payments
  21. Is it True? Can AP Earn Rebates for Processing ACH Payments?
  22. Electronic Payments via ACH: Overcoming the Remittance Information Roadblocks
  23. Wake Forest AP: From Cost Center to Cash Generator with V-Cards
  24. What Is Your Policy For Check-Signing and/or Second Signatures?
  25. Stay on Top of Alternative Payment Methods: They May Be the Right Fit For Your Organization
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