Article Index: About Metrics and Benchmarking (Overview)

  1. Determining Your Cost to Process an Invoice: What Should Be Included in the Calculation?
  2. Driving Success in P2P Operations Using KPIs
  3. Measure to Manage: How Cameron’s AP Department Uses Metrics to Achieve Best-in-Class Performance
  4. Noncompliant Internal Customers? Metrics Are Worth a Thousand Words
  5. What Is the Purpose of Benchmarking?
  6. A Cost Justification for a Vendor Portal
  7. Accounts Payable Benchmark Report eBook
  8. Which Metrics Count Most in Measuring Performance?
  9. How to Customize Your KPIs
  10. Use Benchmarking to Achieve Continuous Improvement
  11. Setting, Tracking, and Improving Performance Metrics
  12. Temple University Benchmarks to Success
  13. Telecare Corporation uses Benchmarking to Balance Workloads
  14. Memorial Healthcare System Improves Invoice Processing With ECM
  15. Benchmarking Data Entry: Time Equals Money
  16. Case Study: How One AP Manager Upped Performance With KPIs
  17. Accounts Payable Operational Metrics
  18. How Quickly Can You Access Archived Tax and Legal Files?
  19. How to Use Metrics & Benchmarking Effectively—Part IV
  20. Measure Accounts Payable Management Performance with Days Payable Outstanding
  21. How to Use Metrics and Benchmarking Effectively—Part III
  22. Are You Setting Performance Measurements? Get Your Staff Involved?
  23. How to Use Metrics and Benchmarking Effectively—Part II
  24. Input Quality and Input Timeliness: Two Metrics Every AP Department Should Use
  25. Paper Still Rules—It’s Time to Swing Into Action!
  26. Moving the Needle—Transaction Processing vs. Analytical Tasks in AP
  27. If You Are Not Measuring Your AP Processes, How Can You Manage Them?
  28. What Best in Class AP Pros Are Looking for in T&E Solutions—and Why
  29. How to Use Metrics and Benchmarking Effectively—Part I
  30. How to Use the Days Payable Outstanding Metric to Calculate Working Capital
  31. Metrics—Building Blocks for Better Processes
  32. Best Benchmarking Practices: Look in Your Own Backyard
  33. The Road to Better Benchmarking
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