Article Index: Strategic Management

  1. Is Capturing Vendor Discounts Your Priority?
  2. Education and Certification Was the Impetus for This Pro’s Success
  3. Six Steps for Transforming AP into a Cost-Free Department
  4. Tips for Providing More Analytical Reporting
  5. Want to Change AP? Become a ‘Catalyst’
  6. Spend Analysis Is within Your Reach
  7. Five Ways AP Sets the Standard for Relationship-Based Leadership
  8. AP Can Drive Financial and Strategic Value
  9. ‘Mining’ AP Expertise to Get Buy-in for Centralization
  10. Four Ways to Show AP Adds Value to the Organization
  11. How to Tackle an Automation Project and an Expansion
  12. Is Being in Charge of AP Budgeting a Benefit?
  13. The Four Stages of Change
  14. AP Leadership: Develop Your AP ‘Voice’ to Get the Most Out of Communications
  15. How to Evolve Into a More Strategic AP Manager
  16. Team with Treasury to Improve Cash Management and Forecasting
  17. Answering the Call When Another Finance Area Needs Help
  18. How to Prepare for a Staff Reduction
  19. Days Payable Outstanding – An Important AP Metric
  20. Building Accounts Payable’s Brand
  21. Spend Analysis: Time (and Money) Well Spent
  22. Driver for Change – Cash Management
  23. Change Management
  24. Outsourcing Is Not Always a Panacea
  25. AP’s Impact on Cash Flow
  26. AP to Change – AP Champions Articulate Vision
  27. Internal Charge-Back Pricing
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