Article Index: Sales and Use Tax (part 1)

  1. Sales Tax on Service: States Look to an Improved Revenue Stream
  2. Use Tax: Sales Tax, Only Different
  3. The Current State of Sales Tax Sourcing, Taxable Services, and Digital Goods
  4. Sales and Use Tax: What’s Taxable by State
  5. Five Ways AP Can Drive Sales and Use Tax Compliance
  6. State Sales and Use Tax Trends
  7. Update on the Internet Tax Freedom Act
  8. Three Updates on Sales and Use Tax Regulations
  9. Sales and Use Tax Concepts
  10. Sales and Use Tax Resources and Consultants
  11. Accounts Payable Compliance with Sales and Use Tax
  12. Managed Self-Audits Result in Simpler Reporting Procedures
  13. State Tax Agencies (U.S.)
  14. Internal Controls System Access—Managed or Taken for Granted?
  15. State-by-State EFT Requirements for Sales Tax Remittance
  16. Sales Tax Nexus Rules – State by State
  17. Sales Tax Sourcing Rules by State
  18. Sales Tax Exemption & Resale Certificates – State by State
  19. When Was the Last Time You Conducted an AP Regulatory Compliance Review?
  20. Options for the Calculation and Payment of Sales & Use Taxes
  21. Sales and Use Tax: Challenges from the AP Perspective
  22. Is Your Company Likely to Encounter State Tax Auditors?
  23. Sales & Use Tax Compliance: Nexus for Web Transactions and Internet Servers
  24. Avoid Tax Audits by Automating Your Sales and Use Tax Reporting
  25. Are You Among the Best-in-Class at Calculating Sales & Use Tax?
  26. Is the Time Right for Streamlined Sales Tax?
  27. Medical Device Excise Tax
  28. Simplifying Drop Shipments
  29. Marketplace Fairness Act: A Primer
  30. Sales & Use Tax: States Get Tough on Businesses
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