Article Index: Logistics / Purchasing / Inventory

  1. Inventories Grow for Manufacturers, Shrink for Non-Manufacturers
  2. Best-in-Class Warehouses See Actual Operating Costs Drop 3.6 Percent vs. Budget
  3. Study Pegs Supply Chain Overspending at $415 Billion
  4. Controller Alert: Loss of LIFO Benefits Can Result from Switching to IFRS
  5. Five Practices to Prevent P-Card Misuse and Fraud
  6. Automating and Linking Purchasing, AP and Suppliers: Key to Re-Engineering P2P
  7. Conduct Reviews Periodically of Your P2P Cycle
  8. Adapting Procurement to “New Normal” of Cost Volatility
  9. Is Your Procurement Function Staying Ahead of the Curve?
  10. Five Recommendations for Overcoming Flaws in a P2P Process
  11. Align AP and Purchasing Metrics for Top P2P Performance
  12. Tips and Caveats for Discount Pricing
  13. The Role of Finance in Supply Chain Management
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