Article Index: Accounts Payable Processes (part 2)

  1. Four Sure-Fire Ways to Prevent Duplicate invoices
  2. Every Which Way but the Right Way: Getting invoices to AP
  3. 10 Time-Wasting Processes AP Can Live Without
  4. Invoices and AP Were Like Ships Passing in the Night
  5. Put a Stop to ‘Missing Invoices’
  6. Invoice Automation Projects Getting Greater Buy-in From C-Suite
  7. Dealing with Small-Dollar Invoices
  8. Patience Is Key When Going Paperless
  9. How to Deal with 5 Common Vendor Complaints
  10. Rules Are Critical to Promoting Efficient Processing
  11. Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) Saves Briggs & Stratton More Than $600K a Yea
  12. Six Best Practices to Effectively Manage Your Disbursement Process
  13. AP for Oil and Gas: Not Your Typical AP Process
  14. How One AP Pro uses Process Mapping to Improve Operations
  15. How to Move From ‘Workaround’ Processes to Best Practices
  16. Case Study: Four Ways to Increase Payment Efficiency
  17. Deciphering Multi-Format Invoices
  18. A Six Sigma Case Study
  19. Remittance Statements: The More Information You Include, the Better
  20. How to Improve Invoice Submission Compliance
  21. Don’t Let Controls ‘De-Automate’ Your Automated Process
  22. Is the PDF a “Phriend” or “Phoe?”
  23. Stocking the Shelves: How Retailers Tackle P2P Challenges
  24. The Manufacturer’s Approach to Procure-to-Pay
  25. How Do You Calculate Your Cost Per Invoice?
  26. Process Options to Reduce Payables Costs
  27. Leverage AP to Finance Suppliers
  28. A S-L-O-W Approval Process Can Be Accelerated With Assumed Receipt
  29. ERS: Who Says AP Needs an Invoice?
  30. Eight Ways to Make Sure Your Payments Go Out on Time
  31. Building the Virtual Filing Cabinet – Electronic Recordkeeping
  32. Checklist: Standards of Internal Control for Invoice Processing
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